Blythe Brook Garden Design provides a professional garden design and consultancy service for town and country gardens.

Our style encompasses traditional, formal or contemporary design.

All projects start with us gaining a thorough understanding of what you are looking for; how the garden will be used, how much upkeep is desirable, preferred colour schemes, any style preferences, which give us the basis on which to design your garden.

All our designs are individually crafted to meet your requirements and aspirations. We offer a portfolio of services covering the full range of possibilities for any garden.

We are happy to give a no obligation quote, after an initial consultation to detail the size of the garden, and work to be carried out.

Our services include:

  • Garden design service including landscaping specifications.
  • Experienced Landscapers to carry out your project.
  • Planting design and plans, plant advice and selection, sourcing and planting
  • Accessorising your garden to add the finishing touches; new furniture, plant containers, sculptures, etc.
  • Garden lighting, planning and implementation; change the ambiance of your garden area with beautiful lighting.
  • Water feature installation.

Our garden design and landscaping:

This will involve these stages.

Design Process

For each project, we work to a proven process that leads to a design that meets your aspirations. Whilst the amount spent on each stage will differ for each project, the stages have been proven to be valuable in all commissions. We invite you to scroll down and review them all.

  • Detailed consultation
  • Full site survey
  • Concept design
  • Detailed planting plans
  • Any specifications for landscaping work
  • Presentation of estimated costs for construction and planting 
  • management of all aspects of the project, locating and ordering products, using our experienced landscapers to undertake the hard landscaping; selection, sourcing and installation of plant material.

Detailed Consultation

Initial, free of charge visit to discuss all aspects of design - the main use of the garden, preferred style, time available for maintenance, budget etc.

The clients input is especially important at this stage so that the final design will reflect the clients' requirements, vision and needs for the way they intend to use the garden.

Full Site Survey

This is a key step in any work. It involves:

  • Measuring the site
  • Taking soil samples to determine soil type (which will affect the type of planting recommended).
  • Plotting any existing trees or other features which are to be retained in the final design.
  • Changes in levels.
  • Aspect

Master plan

From the information gained from the survey and our discussions with you, we will produce a CAD drawing.

Detailed Planting Plans

As part of the second phase of your project we will be happy to produce detailed planting plans for the planted areas shown on the master plan. This will take account of aspect, soil type, colour or seasonal theme, style and maintenance requirements. Alternatively we can produce suggested plant lists for specific areas should you prefer to do your own planting.

Specification for Landscaping

Scaled drawings for landscape use can be produced should you prefer to retain your own landscape contractor.

Presentation of Estimated Costs

We will produce an estimate of the cost to implement the garden design so that you have an idea of the total cost involved. Alternatively we will cost individual projects should you decide to implement the design over a period of time.

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